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 Mothly Specials

Tooth brushing $10.00
You will recieve  toothbrush free with toothbrushing service, then bring their brush back every visit and get brushing for$ 2.00
 (This offer good while supplies last)
 You save $ 8.00 per visit.
$ 25.00 puppies "First Groom"
This includes:
bath,glans,hand fluff drying,brush out,nails,ears,pads,privates,spritz and choice of Bows or bandana
(dog must be under 25lbs)
(puppy must be 16 weeks and under)
 $ 5.00 Nail clipping W/ dremmeling
(walk-ins welcome)
Just need a Freshening up?
$ 15.00 Zip-Ins 
( Body fresh Spritz, nails, ears,and 
 10 min. brush out.)
(unmatted pet only)
 Skinny-minni Shed-less Treatment
add-on (with bath or full grooming)
small $10.00
med $15.00
large $20.00
xlarge 25.00
This treatment take more time so we ask for an additional 35 mins to bath or groom.
10.00 Nail polishing (30 min)
Walk-in baths are welcome on availability
Check us out on our Facebook page
303 N. Carbon Street
(618) 922-8737

Coming Soon!!!!!
Color me Cool
with temporary hair dies.
Every dog has their day!
so why not try it with a red mohawk or maybe blue ears,purple boots
or maybe something a little less wild with cover up of discolored areas to bring back that deep natural rich color.
Check back to find out more info on these new fashion trends.
or you can email us with your interest

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