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Did you know?
Dog Facts
Dog noose prints are as unque as human fingerprints.
Dog sweat glans are between their paws.
Did you know?
Cat Facts
The technieal term for a cats hairball is
A group of cats is called a "Clowder"
My Favorite Websites
Feathers and Bling!
We got feathers!
We got Bling!
Come check them out!
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 Pet Disaster Planning
 Do you have a plan?
Always Grooming is looking for a pet groomer. If you are the groomer we are looking for come by or give us a call
618- 922-8737
Animal Careers
Pet Therapy handler
Pet Groomer
Humane Law Enforcement
Biology Major
Zoo Keeper
Area Pet News Finds
If  you have an event you would like to share contact us
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