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Healing Touch <3
No Zoom Groomin Here!


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Healing Touch <3

A gift shared so seldom. When a loved one holds your hand and looks deep into your eyes and shows such overwhelming emotions without a sound. Dose this not make you want to weep with joy? This is what I share, I share with pets. I take the time a moment between them and I.  I Look deep within They ask for so little and give so much. They connect with me. Try it, you only need a moment to try. We are energy and if you share that energy with touch it is a profound awaking. You might say Ah... I don't believe in that stuff well I say fine, dust shall settle behind. but I know, they know. So when you ask how do I do it? well,  this is how,I share a moment.

No Zoom Groomin Here!

I may upset and maybe even lose a customer or two but I'm ok with that! You may be thinking not to smart as I'm trying to build a pet grooming business but I feel I've groomed for far to many years and seen far to many groomers have dogs injured because they were rushed by owners to get their pet done.
I'm not perfect but I will not put a pet in danger!, I just Won't! Most of the time believe it or not its not the pet that has a problem with grooming its the owner.I can understand it though, the thought of taking one of my own dogs to have them groomed by someone else, well I only know of a couple I would trust to do so.
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